May 3, 2021

akr inspired | 408


Three thoughts about this 5:15am photo -

I am proud of them for planting trees for Irving this summer.

I love that they are doing it together.

I'm shocked they let me take their picture.

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  1. Can you give me some history on your AKR inspried posts? What made you start these? Where do you get your inspiration - besides her of course!

    1. Dear Leigh Anne,

      Your good questions made me pause and try to think how best to answer them. I've been doing it for a while so I have to dig back in my memories! Wink!

      It started when I read her book, "Textbook". I connected with the way she wrote (felt a kinship) and as I was reading, I would think of things in my own life. And I started thinking about how I could save memories here and write a little this and that using ideas that came to mind when reading her words, memoirs and more. She helped me see so many things to write about.

      I read through her Instagram posts and tweets as well. I would respond to them on my blog or they, too, would be a springboard to write about the same kind of thing.

      I loved her book, "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life", and I connected with that layout as well - using words like in an encyclopedia to write about myself or my family's life.

      I like headings for my posts and it just kept growing. I can see things like a textbook with subjects. Things can happen or I can see something and it can fit into a school subject like in her book...or because of her posting about three things on Instagram I often use writing about three in many ways.

      I learned more about Amy Krouse Rosenthal after reading about the letter she wrote about her husband and her passing away. (I can remember where we were - a hotel while at the AUS volleyball champions. I was so moved by her story.) I hadn't really known who she was, but realized she was the author of "Little Pea". She sounded so amazing. I read more and more about her and that's when I started reading her books and posts and so on. (My cousin sent me the actual newspaper with the letter. Oh my heart.)

      Amy's words (and pictures and lists and more) have been a blessing in so many ways.

      I hope this helps!



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