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August 20, 2019

a sentence a day | 50

Annie piled all the wood for her grandparents.
What a gift for them to find when they come home!

August 19, 2019

a sentence a day | 49

When Heritage Hall was built at Beulah, Dad and his buddy, Stewart, put all the headboards and mirrors on the walls. They used stud finders as they did the work. As they were working in one room, a gentleman they knew came along and said, "There's no trouble finding a stud!"  He took Dad's electric drill and made holes in the wall until he found one.  With a smile, Dad wrote a note behind the headboard in that room. It went something like this, If anyone takes this headboard down and sees all the holes, ask _ _ about it. He was the one looking for the stud!

August 18, 2019

a sentence a day | 48

When Eliza tried out for New Brunswick's Summer Games team, it was a year-long process with cuts until the very end. After the official team was announced in May of 2017, the coach told Jim that they knew they were keeping Eliza after Vancouver in September.

You may find this interesting, because Eliza didn't really see the court in Vancouver. There were still 24 girls at that time and they were made into two teams for that tournament. Eliza was a middle and there were three other strong middles on the same team. The girls were the top 18U athletes in the province and the competition was high.

During the early months of trying out, Eliza learned that she needed to correct "goofy" footing and she was working hard on it. When she was in Vancouver, they were watching her footing and didn't want her to play with it. Eliza not starting on a team is unusual, but not playing is very unusual. Then they talked to her about learning a new position.

Here is what they noticed about Eliza:

   She didn't complain.

   She just worked harder.

And they knew they wanted her on the team.

Eliza was a key right side player for New Brunswick in the Summer Games. This determined team shook up the bigger provinces and brought home the bronze medal. No other NB volleyball team, men or women, had won a medal at the Canada Summer Games before them!

August 17, 2019

a sentence a day | 47

I'm glad I saw this movie,
 but I don't know if I could watch it again.
It pulled on my heart over and over -
for people and for dogs.

August 16, 2019

a sentence a day | 46

In an interview with Scholastic, Donald Graves was asked if he had to choose one thing teachers should do when teaching writing, what would it be?
Write yourself. Invite children to do something you're already doing. If you're not doing it, Hey, the kids say, I can't wait to grow up and not have to write, like you. They know. And for the short term and the long term, you'll be doing yourself a favor by writing. All of us need it as a survival tool in a very complex world. The wonderful thing about writing is that it separates the meaningless and the trivial from what is really important. So we need it for ourselves and then we need to invite children to do what we're doing. You can't ask someone to sing a duet with you until you know the tune yourself.

August 14, 2019

a sentence a day | 44

As I sat waiting behind a car filling up with gas, I watched the passenger go into the store. I then watched the driver finish, walk by my car and go into the store. Another spot opened up so I moved to it. When I was leaving, I noticed their car was still sitting in front of the gas pump. If they had paid at the pump, I think they would have moved their car before going in the store. If they had to go in to pay, should they have parked their car and then gone in? Or is there a rule to not move your car without paying first, even if there is a line behind you? It was something I wondered. I may be the gas pumper who has to pay inside the next time.

August 13, 2019

a sentence a day | 43

Watching the matches online, and seeing posts on social
media, helped us feel like we were there with Eliza.

August 12, 2019

a sentence a day | 42

Two years ago today, the NB women's volleyball team
won the bronze medal at Canada's Summer Games.

Eliza #11 is serving for the match point.
It was the third set, and the score was 14-13.

August 11, 2019

a sentence a day | 41

One of my favorite things about watching Ethan play is
listening to him communicate with his teammates on the field.