February 15, 2019

akr inspired | 128 | Kk


Sometimes I post things on Kijiji for Mom and Dad, and will meet the people at school. It's safer and handier for people in the city. Today someone wanted to meet to look at a large stainless steel kettle that my parents had for the camp. When he texted that he was there, I described my sweater so he would know who to look for as it was dismissal time. As I walked out, I realized he would probably be able to identify me with the kettle in my hand.

February 14, 2019

akr inspired | 127

Dad is a storyteller.

It may be about his childhood.

It may be about world history.

It may be about the person he chatted with at the store.

It may be about Mom.

It may be about singing on the road.

It may be about a fishing adventure.

It may be about...

Whatever it is about...

        It is always told well.

        It is always interesting.

        It is always uplifting.

February 13, 2019

Quote | Children's Feelings

Children have very deep feelings, just the way their parents do, just the way everybody does. And our striving to understand those feelings and better respond to them is what I feel is a most important task in our world. - Fred Rogers, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

February 12, 2019

akr inspired | 126

We may be unable to travel to their matches,
but we can still watch them play! We are thankful.

UdeM vs SMU
February 10, 2019

February 11, 2019

akr inspired | 125 | Pp

parking spot

I would rather take the "big, wide-open spot a few cars down" than take the "extra two minutes to maneuver into a tight and awkward parking spot that is a couple feet closer to my destination".

February 10, 2019

Sunday's Photograph | Brothers


Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear the
stories they were sharing in this moment?

February 9, 2019

akr inspired | 124 | Ss

saving seats

I don't like saving seats. I find it hard to tell another adult, "I'm sorry. I'm saving that seat for _____." I have empathy for the persons, friend or stranger, asking to sit down. Along with feeling awkward, it feels like I am disappointing them and making them feel unwelcome. So I try not to do it. (Side note: If your stuff is there, then it speaks for itself. But if I arrive somewhere and you are coming later, I just can't do it. So sorry. Please don't ask me to save you a seat.)

February 8, 2019

something I read | The Boys in the Boat

I picked the book up at Frenchys, because of the cover. It was a beautiful hardcover, and I noticed it was about a rowing team who went to the Olympics in 1936. As I read it, I was captivated by the lives of Joe, the other young rowers, and their mentors.

After his mother passed away, Joe's life was filled with hardships. As a boy and a teenager, he had to fend for himself over and over. He made a way to attend the University of Washington where he tried out for the freshman row team. It was far from easy. After he was named to the first-boat, the boys went out on Lake Union together. This moment caught me.
At the north end of the lake, the coxswain called out, "Way...nuff!" The boys stopped rowing. The shell glided to a stop, the long oars trailing in the water alongside them. The boys sat without talking, breathing heavily, exhaling plumes of white breath in the darkness. Even now that they had stopped rowing, their breathing was synchronized, and for a brief, fragile moment it seemed to Joe as if all of them were part of a single thing, something alive with breath and spirit of its own. Joe gulped huge drafts of the frigid air and sat staring at the city lights in the darkness --- the amber lights of downtown, the ruby-red lights of radio towers, the green lights on docks along the shore. He watched the scene turn into a soft blur of colors as tears filled his eyes. For the first time since his family had left him, Joe began to cry. - Daniel James Brown
Belonging. I was moved by how this captured the deep need people have to belong.

Strength. I was moved by how this captured the perseverance and resiliency in people to survive.

February 7, 2019

akr inspired | 123 | Gg


There was a globe in Grammie's front room on the farm. I asked where she lived. She pointed to the spot. I asked her where we lived. She pointed to the same spot. I asked where someone else lived. She pointed to the spot again. I remember being confused, but I don't remember if I asked why she kept pointing to the same spot.

February 5, 2019

akr inspired | 122 | Nn


I just stirred after falling asleep on the couch. I asked Jim what day it was. I was so disappointed when he didn't say Friday and I was shocked it was only Tuesday.

February 4, 2019

Quote | Your Story

When you tell your story
you give people the permission,
and the courage, to tell their story.
- Angela Maiers

February 3, 2019

Sunday's Photograph | Harold and Cedric

Dad and Harold went fishing
every spring for 41 years.

I poured over the scrapbooks,
but could not find a photo of them together.

Dad laughed when I told him.

When they walked for hours through the woods,
there was no one else to take their photos.

When others were around, Dad or Harold must
have always been the photographer.

February 2, 2019

akr inspired | 121

I wrote my first This & That post on August 23, 2013.

I started writing here, because I am a teacher who was a part of a wonderful community that believes teachers of writing need to write.

I am still writing here, because I am a mother and daughter who wants to save stories.

February 1, 2019

akr inspired | 120

I'm not exactly sure how Blogger calculates
the visits, but I noticed the number today.
(Maybe it's because of my Mom?)

This & That Visitors
60 047

January 31, 2019

akr inspired | 119 | Uu


A couple summer ago, it was my goal to learn to play the ukulele. (I'm still figuring it out and the kids laugh with me!) Singing and dancing with the ukulele brings so much joy and learning to our classroom every day!