May 31, 2021

akr inspired | 430

I'm 52
and not 53 yet.
I'm 52
and not 53 yet.
I'm 52
and not 53 yet.
(I'm trying to remind myself.)
I can't be the only one who answers
how old they are going to be,
and not how old they are.

May 30, 2021

akr inspired | 429 | Rr

rural route

When I was growing up, our address was RR#8. It was before we had house numbers, and somehow the mailmen always knew where everyone lived in the country.

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 27, 2021

akr inspired | 427 | Cc

childhood memories in a car

going to Moncton Wesleyan on Sunday mornings in the car they called Molly

getting stuck in the mud on the road from the dump

the up and down rollercoaster feeling on the road going to Sandford

sneaking down the up road from Uncle Norman and Aunt Carole's house

sitting on the floor in a packed car

Grammie's arm reaching across to protect me from the dashboard 

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 26, 2021

akr inspired | 426 | Xx

Marking with X

I worry about the house being untidy in case I don't come back from a trip.

Never   Sometimes   x Often   Always

(I have weird thoughts like, "What will go through their mind when they are packing it up?")

I return books that I borrow.

Never   Sometimes   Often   x Always

(And I'm confused why others don't do the same. When they come across the borrowed book, don't they think, "Oh! This isn't my book. I need to return it!")

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 25, 2021

akr inspired | 425

A little friend in my class said,

   "I have homemade water today."

I smiled and wondered if that meant it came from her tap and not from the store.

Textbook | Health

May 24, 2021

akr inspired | 424 | Hh

hold the door

As I was going into the Irving, there were two young men walking towards the door from the opposite direction. They opened the door and walked in.

I texted Ethan when I got back to the cottage. I wanted to make sure I had remembered to teach him to hold the door open and to wait for the other person to go first when he was in those situations. 

He gave a witty reply so I guess I had covered it already.

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 23, 2021

akr inspired | 423

There are proponents of New Year's Eve,

and there are proponents of regular Tuesday nights.

I am one of the latter,

and much happier residing in the wake of the mundane.

- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 20, 2021

akr inspired | 421 | Mm


And when you order takeout,

make sure to check the bag before you leave the restaurant.

- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

If I had an encyclopedia, I would put this under marriage advice and I would write:

Before you leave the drive-thru window, check the bag (especially for ketchup)!

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 19, 2021

akr inspired | 420 | Xx

Marking with X

I go to bed with dishes in the sink.

Never   Sometimes   x Often   Always

(With everyone home, I've given up on having an empty sink in the mornings.)

I make my bed every morning.

x Never   Sometimes   Often   Always

(Someone is still in it when I leave. Jim makes the bed!)

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 18, 2021

akr inspired | 419

It has been a year since Katie sent that message to me. 

(As the expression goes, "I fell off my chair" when I read it!)

Through Zoom, a group of teachers from Canada and the US started meeting on Sunday evenings to talk about the changes and what we could do to help our little friends and their families during a pandemic. We also connected through a group chat on Twitter. When fall arrived, we decided to keep going and there are five of us who meet on Sunday evenings.

(I was a little late getting set up this night and snapped a picture before I turned my camera on.)

Virginia, New Brunswick, Colorado, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island come together to talk about teaching, life and our covid world.

(It is truly wonderful how friendships form across the miles.)

Textbook | Geography

May 16, 2021

akr inspired | 417 | Qq


People say and write so many wonderful words.

I have collected quotes since I was young. 

A few years back, I went from saving them in journals to saving them in a blog.

It's called, Little House on the Ridge.

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 15, 2021

akr inspired | 416 | Xx

Marking with X

I wash new clothes before I wear them. 

x Never   Sometimes   Often   Always

(Jim always does! I never do.)

I believe in magic. 

x Never   Sometimes   Often   Always

(Some magicians are just really good at doing the tricks.)

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 14, 2021

akr inspired | 415 | Ll

laundry basket

I find it interesting that our children, who can aim a ball at a target over and over, can't hit the laundry basket with their clothes.

May 13, 2021

akr inspired | 414 | Ll


I enjoy writing A, L, E and M in cursive. I do not enjoy writing D, F, J and K in cursive. There are many uppercase cursive letters that I don't like so maybe that's one of the reasons I like to print.

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

May 12, 2021