December 28, 2018

something I read | about Jim

When looking through the Fuzion website yesterday, I read the following about Jim:

Jim Druart
Jim Druart started with the Roofers organization in 2011 and together with a group of dedicated parents, brought the club from 48 athletes and 4 teams, who operated independently, to over 175 athletes and 18 teams working together under one banner towards a common goal. Jim likes to 'dream big' and is always looking for ways to improve, and expand, the quality and impact of our club. As a former high performance athlete, he understands the impact sports and coaching can have on the next generation of athletes and is continually striving to put our club on the map, not just in New Brunswick or the Maritimes, but across Canada and down the east coast of the U.S. His aim is to provide the framework for athletes and coaches to reach their goals and dreams and to set a standard of excellence that runs throughout the organization. 

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