December 27, 2018

Slice of Life | Fuzion Celebration Evening

When our girls started playing volleyball, Jim got involved as a coach and then as a member of the parent committee. Fast forward to now, he has been the Club Director for a number of years. This is our first year without a daughter playing for Fuzion, but Jim continues to lead. He supports players, coaches and parents in multiple ways. He seems to always be in a meeting, at a gym or answering emails and phone calls. In the fall, he was named Volunteer of the Year by Volleyball New Brunswick for the second time.

Before Christmas, Fuzion hosted their third annual celebration evening! It was Jim who dreamed of an event that would celebrate athletes, their growth and accomplishments. A time that would express gratitude to the parents and coaches as well. The athletes dress up. A professional photographer takes photos. The food is catered. A jazz band plays in the background. The evening ends with coaches introducing their teams and making comments about their season, including how their team served the community together. With exceptional teamwork, Jim's dream came to be and continues!

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