November 5, 2017

akr inspired | 43

On Facebook, I noticed old photos of buildings around our city. I stopped at this one, because it was the Moncton library. When I was young, I would go there with my mom. Oh, how I loved looking for books! 

Many memories come to mind as I look at the bottom row of windows...

...the sound and feel of the plastic covers on the books

...the cards I filled out with my name to borrow them

...the date stamp the librarian used to mark the due date on the inside of the book

...the pile of books in my arms as we climbed up the steps to take them home

...the joy of reading and getting to go back for more books

Side note: I loved playing library at home. I would tape paper with "due date" into the insides of my books. An ironing board was my circulation desk.

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