December 30, 2015

Slice of Life | Immeasurable Help

I've been writing thank you notes, and I've been trying to find the words here as well. But the words escape me. The help we've received from our family and friends has been immeasurable. What they have done has been woven through my posts, but I am realizing there is no way to truly capture it all and what it has meant to us. Maybe pouring out a list as it comes to mind, and as I look through my notebook, will help me share our gratitude.

early morning texts such as "Jesus has this" with Carolyn

Mom and Dad coming home from Beulah to be near

the family message of support sent in Glenda's email

the phone call with Karrilee

the phone call from Lisa

an email from my aunt the next day saying my flight would be paid so I could be with Jim

the next day before staff knew at school, Laura came to my classroom to hold my hand and pray with me when I was trying to catch my breath before heading into a school day

emails, phone calls and texts of concern and offers to help from precious family and friends

Theresa, Jennifer and Cindy making meals and treats for us

my principal, Heather, supporting me in countless ways with matters at school

Lori, Signa and Patti by my side on the day to day at school

Dave and Joanne giving us a gift card for Tims making snacks easier at the hospitals

emails and texts with things to remember and do from Glenda, and the support from her and Dan

envelopes tucked in our hands and pockets with words of care and help for the journey which left us speechless (a miracle to not worry about money while we were away)

having my parents move in here and look after everything with Annie, Eliza and Ethan

Tammy driving Ethan to and from games, and having him over for Halloween

listening ears

asking how we are

cousins, Mary and Clara, scooping us up while we were in Toronto

Karrilee and Dale spending the day with Eliza at her high school soccer tournament

Lisa, Elizabeth and Rosita who took turns picking up the girls from practice and driving them home so Mom and Dad didn't have to be out late

Nick and Jennifer having the girls over and taking them out for supper

having iPhones and iPod to be able to say good mornings and good nights with the kids

receiving texts and emails from friends and family checking on us while we were in Toronto

Barry fixing the millions of things wrong with our Saturn while we were away

finding many little things around the house cared for by Mom and Dad (washed and polished cars, a new mat for Rozz, a hook above the laundry room sink, a fixed post on porch and more)

Kathleen giving me her half day for report cards when I returned and had little time to prepare


My mind keeps filling and I can't capture it all.

And oh, how thankful we are for people praying.

Over the weeks leading up to, during and after,
my tears came because we felt so cared for by our God and the way
we were surrounded by people being His hands and feet.

Immeasurable help.

My heart overflows.

My tears still come easy.


  1. An outpouring of gratitude during a difficult time-you are being lifted up

  2. It took some time to finish writing this post and I actually shared it in the new year. Then I decided to tuck this post back where I had started it.

    My heart still overflows.

    God is good.


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