September 24, 2015

Quote | I Need You in Everything I Do

Would You make Your presence known to me? Would You be a full part of every moment and guide me each step of the way? Don't let me get overconfident, God. Don't let me think I can do this on my own. Everything turns out better when You're involved. And every moment becomes more precious and enjoyable, knowing that You're there. Keep the song placed in my heart: "I need Thee, oh I need thee, every hour I need Thee." You placed the lyrics for the hymn in the heart of a housewife as she went about her daily routine; You directed her to write it so that we would have inspiration in even the most mundane tasks. Inspire me, too, Lord! Fill me with Your prsence and give meaning to every hour. Let things of great beauty come from times of monotony. Help me to be receptive to Your spirit in everything I do. - Angela Watson