September 22, 2015

Slice of Life | 80 Reasons and More

Mammie at Ethan's Soccer Game
July 2015

Mom turned 80 today.

With special friends, Mom and Dad took a long drive to Pennfield for the view and a seafood dinner.When she arrived home at the cottage, she found an email from her family. Together, we had created a list of 80+ reasons why we love her. She said she laughed and cried as she read them aloud to Dad...and then she said most of it wasn't true. That's Mom!

Here are a few from the list -

She reminds me of home.

One time I came home and found a watermelon on the back porch from her that she had dropped off for the kids while I was at work. We were so excited for the surprise watermelon after a long day! 

I love her cooking - but I love the one who does the cooking more...the love that she puts in it. It makes it taste so much better than anything you could make with the same recipe. 

She often calls me Wilson in a tone that sounds both warm and endearing.

She has a good ear for "baby" sister.

She made me the warmest blankets.

You have always treated me like your own.

You loved my mother in a special way sisters should...Laugh together, cry together. Get mad at each other, and get over it.

I always know I'm in safe place when I'm with you.

You loved my father like a brother.

Aunt Marina has a dry wit like no other in the family! Watch out for those one lines! She's got some zingers!

She rubs my feet.

You carried on even when it was tough.

She is my confidant.

She makes bread and gives away every loaf she makes.

She adores Dad.

As a little girl, I remember seeing her cut her thumb in the kitchen, wrap it up and keep going. I remember thinking, "Wow! She's tough!| She's shown us that strength with everything in life.

I was always proud to be Mrs. Landers' daughter when I went to see her at the store.

She can yodel.

She always asks us if we're hungry.

She prays for us.

She would tell us, "Watch out for deer" and "Don't go outside alone".

She rubbed Vicks on her necks when we were sick (even if it was the stomach flu).

Going to her house was the best part of a sick day.

Whenever she comes over, she washes the dishes.

She drives us places and picks us up.

She can make anything out of nothing.

She taught me about the Lord.

And the list goes on...

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