March 11, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 11

One morning I was folding clothes in the laundry room. Ethan came in looking for socks to wear to school. I heard the toast pop up too soon in the toaster and I said, "Ethan, can you push my toast down?" As I stood there rushing to get done, Ethan kept looking for socks while standing on my foot.

"Ummmm...Ethan...What are you doing?"

And then it hit me!


  1. Ha! Love it! At least he was trying to be helpful. :) What a great memory to cherish!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I also loved how he pushed my "toes" down and didn't question how weird it must have sounded to him! :0)

  2. Oh, this was too cute! I had to read it twice before I figured it out too! I love it!


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