March 10, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 10

The other day my cousin, Glenda, mentioned Glenn Gould to me in an email. I told her that I wasn't familiar with him and she replied, "You haven't lived if you have not experienced the greatness of Glenn Gould..." I asked her to send a link to me and I was amazed when I listened to him play. So moving. So beautiful.

In our writing workshop , I am using the book, "A Place for Wonder" by Georgia Heard & Jennifer McDonough. Today we looked at the question, What Are Your Three Wonders?  While my students were stretched out comfortably around the room to think about their wonders, I remembered Glenn Gould and I played his music softly  in the background. It was "wonderful". Then we gathered to share our wonders.


  1. For whatever technological reason, the link doesn't work on my computer, but I'll check out Glenn Gould. I love Georgia Heard and everything that she has written about getting kids to express, really express themselves in their writing. I bet this activity was really impactful!

  2. Maybe try

    So true about Georgia Heard! I'm really enjoying the book! It's incredible!


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