November 11, 2021

Sharing Our Stories | juggling

For a kinesiology assignment, Ethan has learned to juggle this fall. 

While I was getting decorations out for Christmas, I placed a collection of vintage tree ornaments on the counter. Natalie had given them to me for Christmas a few years ago. She found them in an antique shop.

Ethan walked into the kitchen and I heard, "Oh! These would be good for juggling!"

And before I could say that was not a good idea, they were in the air!

Thankfully we only lost one! And gained a good laugh and story!

Sharing Our Stories


  1. When one is learning to juggle the only criteria for choosing objects is that they are round and fit in the palm, antique or new is probably not part of the criteria. I am glad that it was a small loss and caused laughter rather than tears.

    1. So true! They were just the right size! :) Thanks for being here, Terje! I always love to connect with you!

  2. Your attitude is sterling and his skill is improving (only one broken). Glad you were able to see the story and enjoy the laughter!

    1. You are sweet, Ramona. It was such a funny moment! He's turned into a great juggler, but the ornaments were much lighter than tennis balls! (One never knows what you will learn in university! Haha!)


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