July 22, 2021

Sharing Our Stories | Their Bethany Days


In an album that says, "Snaps and Scraps", Mom has saved memories from -

   - growing up on the family farm

   - going away for high school at Bethany

   - meeting Dad and his Sandford family

There are so many wonderful stories attached to the photos and memorabilia.

I made a little slideshow about their college days.

Hearing my parents reminisce - especially about each other - is a blessing.


  1. I always did like plaid skirts and saddle shoes. Thank you for sharing. I keep making up stories about the people in the photographs - I years for a simpler time where people seem content and caring.

  2. I love going through old albums. This is such a treasure!

  3. Old photos and stories - so good when there is someone still to remember and share these.

  4. What fun to see these photos from your parent's college years. I do think some of these need stories to accompany them. I kept trying to figure out NS. Is it Nova Scotia? How fun to make this video with the songs accompanying the pics.


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