April 22, 2021

Sharing Our Stories | introductions

Our custodian, Mr. Kirby, lives near the school.

He ran into one of my kindergarteners at a community playground.

She was very excited to see him!

(Mr. Kirby likes to make them smile and jokes with them throughout the day. They love him.)

She was quick to introduce him to her family.

   "This is Mr. Kirby! 

   He's the cleaning teacher!"

It was a sweet introduction.


  1. Love the way a young mind works! Truly perfect introduction. :-)

  2. "The cleaning teacher"--that is an absolutely perfect introduction! This snapshot is fantastic.

  3. A sweet story. I imagine Mr. Kirby loved that introduction.

  4. What fun for Mr. Kirby to be dubbed cleaning teacher! I bet he's sharing this story with a smile and gratitude for this young learner.

  5. What a sweet moment you have captured. I am sure he is quite proud of his new title!

  6. This is sweet. The little ones come up with the best words.

  7. I love that so much - The Cleaning Teacher :)


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