April 29, 2021

Sharing Our Stories | pronunciation

As I was reading messages in a group chat, a friend wrote,

"Everyone is scared except the deniers."

Another replied using the same word, saying a denier had blocked them on Twitter.

My brain was trying to figure out what a "denier" is.

I was about to ask and thought, "I'll Google it before embarrassing myself."

I read the definition and laughed out loud. 

I was mispronouncing it.

I read it as a "den-ier".

But it's a "deny-er".

Oh, Loralee. 

You have another funny pronunciation story to add to the family list,

but at least this time you didn't say it out loud! 

Sharing Our Stories


  1. I read somewhere that when a person mispronounces a word, it's a sign that they are a reader, because they have only seen it in print. There are many words I wonder if I have the syllabication right. Smart lady to check it out with Google. :-)

  2. This was funny. I am glad you shared.

  3. This was really fun to read, because I thought it was "money" and then thought you lived in another country. LOL. I love to learn new words... thank you for sharing. XO

  4. Funny how words pop up. I was in a Zoom meeting that used this word and I couldn't figure out whether to spell it denier or deny-er which would definitely help me remember the meaning of the word better. It must be a trendy word.

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this!

  6. I continue to love what you do with just a handful of words. My son is constantly mispronouncing words that he sees in print, but hasn't ever heard aloud. I love when he makes a case for "his" pronunciation. Thanks for writing this week!


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