March 18, 2021

Sharing Our Stories | story saver

Sitting with Dad

Noticing the scrapbooks on the shelves behind him

   and the old tapes with family music or conversations

      and then thinking of all the photos and slides he has taken

I thanked Dad

He is a wonderful story teller

but he is also a story saver

Sharing Our Stories


  1. Those are valuable memories preserved. How lucky for you!

  2. oh... our dads are so similar... I didn't get the picture taking gene, I wish I had. But he has taught me how much stories matter and I so savor his. Thank you for sharing him with us Loralee. XO

  3. A story saver...wonderful. I bought my dad Storyworth. It's a site that sends a question prompt each week for a year and he writes his response. They will be gathered in a book for me and my siblings at the end of the year. A worthwhile endeavor, I hope.

  4. I love the idea of story saver - I'm writing that down in my notebook :)

  5. Doubly blessed with stories told and stories saved. What a gift from your dad.

  6. My dad is the same way. I love that description of "story saver"--it is perfect!


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