September 3, 2020

Sharing Our Stories | you have time

I'm taking time to write about some funny moments.

On Monday -
Pearl, who usually lays by my feet during a meeting, enjoyed our first staff meeting outside. She visited with many and then she went to the washroom right behind Christa (principal) as she was speaking!

On Tuesday -
Before heading to school, I poured Pearl's food into the wood stove instead of her bowl. I just have a little bit on my mind!

On Wednesday -
I tried to wear two pairs of reading glasses. My student teacher helps remind me of my glasses and my mask!

It is a heavy week in many ways, but there is still much to giggle about!


  1. This was so funny! Everything is so upside down--it's nice to be able to find the humor!

  2. I love that you captured the giggles each day. I think God loves when we find whimsy. I'm glad you are writing with #sosmagic! xo, ruth

    1. Thank you for inviting me! Means so much to me!


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