December 25, 2018

Slice of Life | Christmas Movie

On Christmas Day, we watched a movie after turkey, visits and naps. Dad had been wanting us to watch "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" with him and it was the perfect time.

During the winters, Michael J. O'Connor, the second richest man in the world, vacates his 5th Avenue mansion to live somewhere warmer. Without him knowing, Aloysius T. McKeever, a homeless man, and his dog move into his mansion. This particular winter, others join McKeever, including O'Connor's runaway heiress, Trudy and eventually Michael J. O'Connor himself. No one is aware that the millionaire is among them. It is a sweet story, and McKeever is a delightful character.

As the end of the movie, these words are spoken as O'Connor watches McKeever walk away:
Michael O'Connor: You know, Mary.
Mary O'Connor: Yes, Mike?
Michael O'Connor: There are richer men than I.

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