August 25, 2018

something I read | about helping others

I read this and I need to remember this.

"Having been on the receiving end of the care of others, I have found that the more specific the offer, the better it is for the receiver. When someone is in crisis or just overwhelmed with everyday mom life, they often don't have the mental or emotional capacity to remember who to call when they realize they do need help with something. When we say, "Just let me know what you need", we are putting the burden of responsibility on the person needing help. If life is hard or they're in crisis, they don't need one more decision to make! Do you know someone who is in crisis, lonely, grieving, recovering, or even just had a baby? Rather than saying, "Let me know what you need," try one of these: 
I have next Thursday available, can I take your kids for a few hours?  
I'd like to come clean your house for you; can I come do that on Tuesday? 
I'd like to bring you dinner; will tomorrow night work? 
I have two hours on Tuesday evening free. What needs to be done that is bugging you that I can do? 
I'm headed to the store, can I pick you up anything? 
Here's a gift card and delivery menu - dinner's on us tonight!"

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