April 25, 2017

Slice of Life | Second Date

Our cousins, Melodie and Glenda, celebrate their birthdays in April. They were born two years apart, and they were the pride and joy of their parents, Norman and Carole.

I've always loved hearing the story of how Uncle Norman and Aunt Carole came together. The pieces I remember, from when I was a little girl, was that the Trites family knew Uncle Norman and his family. He was a good and godly man who served bravely in the war. When he was 36 and Aunt Carole was 18, he asked her on a date and on the second one, he proposed!

They were so in love and they took care of each other, their children, and many others in many ways. Their home was another home to me and I am full of stories, like the one where Aunt Carole was in the window getting Uncle Norman's attention while he was mowing the lawn! 


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  1. What a story!!!! And what a beautiful couple. :) How special that you have so many wonderful stories.


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