March 30, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge | Day 30

I have a little boy in my class who is full of life and always trying to sneak a kiss on my cheek. Lately, I've been telling him that I only share kisses with my husband, and everyone giggles.

Today he was late getting ready for outside. All of a sudden, he thought it was just the two of us there. From across the room, I heard...

      "Hey! It's just you and me. Can I kiss you now?"

I'm still laughing!


  1. I love this humerous slice. It's funny how little ones justify things.

  2. Sweet. He clearly sees you in a very affectionate light.

  3. So sweet, he has given you his little heart. The love of a child is a precious thing.

  4. Sweet and smart. I guess he realized it that 'public' wasn't okay, but thought he chance it in private.

  5. I am dying! This is so cute! I LOVE this little guy and I don't even know him. :)


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