June 14, 2016

Slice of Life | Grace and Annie

Age 18 | 2016

When Annie was a newborn, Jim was working the night shift at Midland. I remember him speaking of another first-time mom who returned from her maternity leave, worked one shift and then resigned. She chose to stay home with her precious baby. A few years later, her daughter, Grace, and Annie met in a one-morning cooperative preschool. They had some play dates together and met up again in kindergarten. But it was in fifth grade that they truly found each other. (They worked on a school project together! If you are ever frustrated about trying to get your child together with another for a school project, remember what can happen!) Over the years, they have been together through everything. The baby Jim mentioned to me in a story from work became a part of our family.

In the photo above, Annie is trying to get away and Grace is holding her there. It captures how Grace gets Annie to do the uncomfortable. While both are strong and confident, Annie's way is quiet and careful and Grace's way is more, "Let's do it!" They are funny, honest with each other and good together. (It was Grace who encouraged Annie to go to her first Roofers volleyball try-out! Coach asked her. We asked her. But it was Grace who got her there and we know how that story turns out!)

Age 14 | 2012

Age 5 | 2003

When we came across this photo, Annie's reaction was hilarious.
"Oh, Annie! Look at you and Grace at your 5th birthday party!"
"What?! She's blowing out MY candles!"


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