October 4, 2016

Slice of Life | Still Time for a Book

At Birchmount School, we have a hard-working group of parents who plan a Fall Fair every year! There is also an outpouring of help, from families and staff, in getting ready. They send treat-filled jars, cupcakes and more. The community has so much fun coming together for the evening!

Before I headed to the festivities to volunteer, I was in my classroom tidying up. I heard voices and noticed one of my students coming down the hall with his mom. Their hands were filled with treats. Even with all the excitement going on in the other part of the school, K wanted to show his mom something in our classroom.

What he wanted to show his mom was the Elephant and Piggie book I had read that day. Together they sat on the foot stools and he read it to her with great enthusiasm!



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