July 12, 2016

Counting Blessings

...Ethan's New Brunswick team played in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island for the Atlantics. It was over four days and Ethan's team stayed on the UPEI campus. Jim and I felt so blessed to be able to stay at Rosita's parents who live in the area. They opened their beautiful home to us while they were camping. 

...Friends helped us with Annie and Eliza who were at home with no vehicle! Lisa and Carolyn made a driving schedule to help get the girls back and forth to work and training. Nick and Jennifer kept Eliza for a night between sessions. Rosita did a pick up for church.

...Watching Ethan and his teammates play for NB was exciting, even in the cold and rain! (It was so cold for July! Only the soccer players were warm enough to wear shorts!) They won the bronze medal!

...Jim and I went to supper at the Water Prince Corner Shop. Glenda said it was a place where Aunt Carole liked to go for fish when she visited them in Charlottetown. There were famous faces of visitors in photos on the walls and our waitress was exceptional, but being there because of the Aunt Carole connection was the most memorable part of the experience.

...Spending time with Tom and Barrie was wonderful. We met for dinner at the Gahan House one night and spent another evening enjoying music (along with hot dogs from a street vendor and ice cream from Cows) on the streets. We ended up at the Old Triangle for a true Irish jig with a family from Ireland! 

...During the entire time, it felt like Jim and I were away on vacation. It's been years and years! Thank You, God.

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