March 4, 2016

day 4 | slice of life challenge

hello there, tonight...

i am thankful March break is here

i keep trying to get to the bottom of a pile of papers

i wish Annie could train with YWAM next year

i love my family

i think another snow storm would be wonderful

i really feel thankful that Jim is doing well

i need to find a good non-teacher book to read

i should be walking every day

i can pray about what's on my mind instead of worry 

i always repeat myself

i like to laugh


  1. Praying about things is always good! That's where I find a lot of comfort. You're on a break? How awesome! I'm very jealous! Enjoy!

  2. Your post made me feel grateful for the snow we got today - enough to break out the snow shovels. I know it will be gone by Sunday, but it was beautiful. I really like your poem format and might need to share it with my students. Thanks!

  3. Thank you, Beth and Maria.
    It was an idea that I discovered through Leigh Anne Eck last year.
    Phew! It helped me get my writing in before midnight. I had fallen asleep!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout Loralee! I love this one and also Currently... It's these simple forms that help in those moments of wordlessness! I have one more week until break, but do enjoy yours! I am so glad to see that Jim is doing well.


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