December 26, 2015

Slice of Life | I still think of you.

I still think of you.

...the man who once lived in downtown Toronto and reminisced about taking his son, who is now grown with children, to games at the Maple Leaf Gardens.

...the couple who had an Annie and the husband had the same surgery as Jim. They walked all over Toronto during their time at the lodge!

...the woman who could hardly walk from radiation, but was full of happiness to be done and going home.

...the couple, from a little town known for baseball, who had been there for weeks while she went through stem cell treatment. After her diagnosis last winter, she declared she would dance at her son's wedding in the summer and she did.

...a go-getter who, after her first brain tumor, started her own organization called Grey Matter to bring awareness and to help others battling brain cancer.

...the outgoing man who worked in construction and loves music. He shared how friends and family would gather in his backyard for evenings of music.

...the sweet woman who enjoyed walking around parts of the city where she lived and then went to college. A few years ago, she fell in love with a former classmate at her high school reunion.

...the lady who I met at the computers on my last morning. She continues to rise above the things that have been happening in her life.

...the retired teacher who flew to Toronto from Victoria, BC to see if she could get more help here. She missed her dog and was happy to be seeing her son soon.

...another retired teacher who I met in the front lounge while she waited for her cab to the airport. She shared her favorite parts about teaching over the years and told me about her son who was a university basketball player and now studying to be a veterinarian.

...the gentleman who loves car racing and showed me YouTube videos in the computer room.

...the couple at the first hospital appointment who teach Tai Chi, laughed with us about appointments and shared places to go in Toronto.

...the lady going back and forth to the hospital with a walker to see her husband.

...the man who flies from Newfoundland for treatments every few months.

...the elderly man who had skin removed from his back for his head and needed help.

...the couple who has family here in the Maritimes and they just bought land in the Salisbury area for someday.

I remember much more about each of you...

...especially your smiles and your courage.

I'm so glad we met.

I still think of you.

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