November 5, 2015

Slice of Life | Flying Home

We are flying home today.

We will be with our family soon. We miss Annie, Eliza and Ethan so much!

Before breakfast, I met a new lady who arrived last night. She came into the computer room and we talked for a long time. She shared her story. She has cancer in her brain and she is a fighter.

Over the last day or so, we started saying goodbye to people as we didn't know when our paths would cross again with hospital visits and resting and so on.

We checked out, and Maria and Carol came to say goodbye. We had met them on the way back from the hospital on Monday. We spent time chatting on the shuttle, around the lodge and on the back deck. Carol enjoyed walks around areas where she lived years ago and Maria took the landscaping on as a project. She had a few of us out there working with her at different times!

We had a good laugh with the security guard when Maria, who could take on the world, suggested asking about a taxi slip for the airport!

I will write more about the lodge in future posts. My heart is too tender today.

Billy Bishop Airport was impressive! It was like waiting in a hotel lounge, and they provided free drinks and snacks! When we travel again, we are going with Porter! Thanks to my cousin, Glenda, who looked after us in many ways, we flew in and out of this airport. It was much closer to the lodge!

Next time I sit down and have my feet on the ground, I will be in Moncton, New Brunswick!

Thank You, God.

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