October 30, 2015

Slice of Life | The Next Morning

Some snapshots from this morning...

I slept in this pull-out chair.
(It was softer than the bed at the lodge!)

I tried something new with our Tims gift card from Jo and Dave.
 (I will never understand coffee or coffee drinks! Wink!)

Jim checked his messages. 
(We love hearing from home!)

I took a short walk to the drug store at the next hospital.
(The prices are a little crazy!)

Around 9:30, Jim's other surgeon, Dr. Priya Durairaj, came by to see him and to show me how to do his eye care. She said this to us, "Your surgery was the easiest one we have ever done." 

"Your surgery was the easiest one we have ever done." (It just needs to be repeated.)

After we met with her and Jim showed that he felt well enough to eat breakfast, we headed back to the lodge and Jim rested in our room.

I went online and found a wonderful website that shares hymn arrangements for free. It's called The Church Pianist. I must remember to email and thank her. What a blessing to have sheet music and play the piano here. It's a sweet time with God.

I ventured out on my own for a bit. At first I had zip in my step remembering what I loved about living in Boston...and then...well, I didn't go as far as I had planned. I stopped into the corner Rabba store and headed back.

The lodge is getting quieter and quieter as people go home for the weekend. There are no meals on the weekend, but there are food items and drinks left in the fridges and on the counter for us. We can always make toast or go out and about!

We continue to meet sweet people and hear their stories.

Jim is doing extremely well. He is strong like his mom. No matter what, she pushed through it.

Thank You, God, for today.

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