July 21, 2015

Slice of Life | Munro Hall

Looking back at my dorm room
at Eastern Nazarene College

In January, I took a look at my dorm room in Windsor Hall in 1988. I thought I would take a look at another dorm room...

From the photos, I remember...
...Sarah helping me move in on 4th Munro
...my mom made the afghan and pillow for me
...Natalie giving me the little box she painted
...the basket full of cards and letters from home
...Howie's family giving me a computer to use (Until that year, I had never used one!)
...not who gave the flowers to me
...those sneakers and mom telling me to not run alone 
...going to the gym often to play pick-up basketball
...being thankful that I could stay in the dorm as a grad student from Canada
...playing Tetris for study breaks
...a big grey squirrel coming in the window and making a mess
...rocks hitting the window to see if I wanted to go play basketball or go into Boston
...getting art work every week from my nephew
...Sarah laughing when I moved a nail just a bit to make my Canada flag look better
...the bear on the dresser and years later it became Annie's favorite bear
...Mom's friend Lorna being nearby
...the moment we arrived in Boston
...meeting wonderful people
...the interview for Camp Taconic which led to a lifetime with Jim


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