June 26, 2015

Sole Hope | Grade 1 Volunteers

Last summer, I learned about Sole Hope and wanted to get involved. Friends and I hosted a Shoe Cutting Party that ran over two evenings in October. Folks even helped at home with their friends and family. With 68 volunteers, we traced and cut enough denim for 220 pairs of shoes!

It was exciting when my grade 1 team wanted to get involved as well! Through our involvement with Sole Hope this past year, our students learned what it means to be a volunteer and how to work together to help others.

There may be more teachers who would like to get involved and plan a party with younger students. I am only able to share photos of students on my school weebly, therefore, I am sharing the ideas at From Mrs.D's Classroom. Hope you will visit and find the information helpful!

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party
Ideas for Young Students


  1. What an incredible project! I'm going to visit Sole Hope's website next.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting, Stacey. Sole Hope is doing amazing things to help others!


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