March 7, 2015

Slice of Life Challenge 7 | Camp Taconic Staff

Looking at the 12 of us in this photo brings warm feelings to my heart. It was an honor to serve together and grow as friends. Our friendships went way beyond that summer! I wish I could share all the moments we laughed, cried, wondered, worried, teased, grumbled, cleaned, encouraged, prayed, sang, shared, played, walked, cheered, and more. We were blessed to be a part of Camp Taconic; Some of us, like Jim, were there for more than one summer. Rev. and Mrs. Bergers, and the full-time staff, were beyond good to us and gave us a home away from home. They were godly men and women who led by example in their words and actions, whether they were leading us in a devotional or taking out the garbage.

College Staff
Jamie Casler, Brad Grinnen, Jim Berger, Tim Carignan, Jim Druart, Ryan Smith
Carla Walchle, Loralee Landers, Kim Lahr, Rob Smith
Pam Rymer and Kerri Alder

Camp Taconic Staff

From a Camp Director 


  1. Thanks for a glimpse back to a simpler time!

  2. People of our past helped shape us to be who we are today. You were surrounded by goodness.

  3. I went back and read through the posts I've been missing. This sounds like such a wonderful time, full of blessed memories and expletives, that have shaped you into the godly woman you are today. I'm thankful I was able to read up on them today.

  4. The more I read about this camp, the more I see that this was no ordinary camp. I love this time travel , Loralee, to a place and people who have a special place in your heart.

  5. What a beautiful letter. I'm sure you guys were such an instrumental part of so many children's lives. What a blessing that the Lord called you to be a part of such a great mission. :)


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