December 19, 2014

Five Minute Friday | adore


o come let us adore Him

so often I hear the two words...



...used in the same way

but from being in a Moms in Prayer group I think of them as very different

every hour of prayer beginning with our praises

praising Him for Who He is

we felt we could spend the whole hour just lifting our praises to Him...

sweet adoration

   God, You are our...

               Great Physician...
         many wonderful attributes

when we put our eyes on Him and Who He is our hearts and minds are changed

everything else falls away

every worry...every burden...every need...every fear...

He is all that matters

nothing else

we remember that it's all about Him

o yes, there is a time to give thanks for all He has done

but o how sweet it is to adore Him and praise Him for Who He is 

o come let us adore Him


  1. I love this: "when we put our eyes on Him and Who He is our hearts and minds are changed." Good reminder to start with adoration ... thank you for sharing. Visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  2. What a beautiful reminder that we need to look to God everyday in our lives when we need assurance of any kind. He and only He will always be there for us no matter how difficult life seems to be. Great post! Your friend from #fmfparty. :)


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