October 25, 2014

Sole Hope | Dear Party Guest

Dear Party Guest,

Last night we came together again to finish up all the great work started on October 3rd! Because of  you, we can send enough materials for 140 220 pairs of shoes! We can also help local shoemakers in Uganda with $492! (Please note: The shipping cost was $60. Thank you for mailing it from Maine, Cousin Melodie!)  All together we've had 63 68 people involved in our First Annual Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party! We've ranged from preschoolers to seniors, coming from all over Moncton!

Mr. Nick Smith of Magnetic Hill Hill opened the doors to us at no cost and he spread the word to his families and school district. His wonderful staff  donated $82 through their Friday Jean Day. Isn't it easy to see why everyone loves Magnetic Hill School? 

Thank you for reaching out to help the people suffering from jiggers in Uganda...and please know that your reaching out has also blessed the hearts of many right here.

The Shoe Crew
Carolyn, Cindy, Elizabeth, Karla, Kelly, Loralee, Lisa, Mary-Lynne and Natalie

Part 2


  1. Looks like you had a blast, Loralee!


    1. We have such a wonderful time! Doing something to help. Spending time with friends and family. Meeting new people. Very relaxing to sit and trace and cut and chat and laugh.

  2. I updated the numbers and what happened with shipping since this was originally posted! The info was sent in the emails to our wonderful guests last fall!


Thank you for being here.