October 21, 2014

Slice of Life | Aunt Carole & Uncle Norman

Aunt Carole & Uncle Norman
Photo taken by Glenda, I think.

Some thoughts going through my head today...
...picking raspberries with Uncle Norman by the barn
...getting tips from Aunt Carole about dating (like girls don't call boys)
...Uncle Norman's "see my finger, see my thumb"
...hearing stories with my name in them when she took care of me
...having her homemade bread toasted (always thought she had the neatest bread board)
...learning what "elbow grease" meant
...playing in their attic and closets
...thinking Uncle Norman had the coolest van with all the tools inside
...she was my number one supporter when I was the youth director
...after church outings
...encouraging women to help each other and pray for each other
...the computer software that she tried to play like music and how we giggled
...Monday evenings with Aunt Carole and Uncle Norman when he was sick
...Aunt Carole leading Sunday School and how much fun it was
...always coming to our rescue
...getting to clean out the pot after Aunt Carole made fudge
...hearing "You're younger than me" when she wanted me to do something
...missing them


  1. What wonderful memories and I bet each one of these could be a 'slice' themselves. I hope just making the list brought a smile to your face while you are missing them.

    1. Oh yes, Kristi. You are so right. Each one could be a slice...a story behind them all. Thank you for being here.

  2. How lucky you were to have them in your life!

  3. The blessing of having them in your life shines so clearly through your list!

    1. Oh, thank you for sharing that with me.


Thank you for being here.