June 6, 2014

Five Minute Friday | hands

Grammie Trites


When I was a little girl, my grandmother would pick me up for piano lessons and I can still see her hands on the steering wheel.

It was a time before seat belts and I can still see Grammie's hand coming across in front of me when there was a sudden stop.

And I can still see her hands...

   playing scrabble

      making chocolate milk

         playing the piano

            using the adding machine

               filling in words on a crossword puzzle

I loved my grandmother's hands.

The Five Minute Friday writing challenge is hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.
The challenge is to write for five minutes on a given word. Just write.


  1. Isn't it amazing how we retain certain details? It truly can bring such comfort at times. So glad to visit you from FMF this morning :)

    1. It is! It does!
      Thank you for visiting!

  2. Found a photo tucked away...It was taken by our cousin, Ruth Rogers.


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