April 13, 2014

Sunday's Photograph | Almost 16


Our Annie will soon be 16.

Since Annie was little, we have prayed every day for her to be strong and courageous, never terrified or discouraged, because God is with her wherever she goes (Joshua 1:9). Watching her grow up, and seeing God work in her life, is such a blessing.

Annie is Annie. She doesn't like something or do something just because others are doing it. She is not afraid to stand alone in her decisions.While one may think she is quiet, they soon notice her actions-speak-louder-than-words. There is strength and confidence in Annie’s quietness.

When Annie was moving on to high school, she received a leadership award. When she heard about the award, she said, "But I hardly talk." Her teacher, Mr. Gallant, wrote, "Annie leads by example and work habits both academically and athletically. A leader does not have to be in front of everybody and do the big cheer and speech. Some leaders you will follow because you know what you are getting from the person. No hidden agenda and a person that will have your back and be supportive."

Last year a TeamNB coach shared, "She is not the loudest, but leads by example and I can truly say nobody on the team listened to the coaching staff and applied what we asked as well as Annie."

God is with her wherever she goes.