March 18, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 18

A tender moment...

I remember in a zoo.

On a trip home, Jim's mom took the whole family. I struggle with zoos, but I was thankful to see a lot of land ...and it was more natural than I am use to seeing around here.

In the distance, we could see giraffes and other beautiful wildlife grazing. Then there was an area where some giraffes would go to be fed by the visitors. We went by...

It was breath-taking to see them up close.

I touched a giraffe and I cried.

God's creations are amazing.


  1. Animals are such a gift...each precious life a miracle.

  2. I love the line "I touched a giraffe and I cried." I have a picture of one of my daughters feeding a giraffe a carrot out of her mouth. THat might make you laugh instead of cry! Your use of ...'s is really effective in this piece--it kind of brings us along with you. Nice!

  3. I've never touched a giraffe, but I can imagine it would be remarkable. They're such gorgeous creatures. How wonderful that you got to get so close.

  4. You touched a giraffe?!?! Wow! I agree with Melanie...that's my favorite line. So simple. So powerful! Thank you for sharing. I always, always, always feel inspired after reading your posts!! (And I needed it this afternoon!)

  5. I wish to experience something like this one day. Giraffes are my favorite animals. They are amazing.


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