January 25, 2014

Celebrate | This & That

The spider...

While reading to my class, I heard, "There's a spider!" 

"Where?" I replied.

"It's on the pillow!" R said.

We soon found the spider crawling across the floor. Before I had a chance to suggest we watch him, he dodged a couple pillows but he wasn't quick enough for R's foot. Oops!

I put down our book, and we wrote about our exciting moment!

The question...

Before lunch, I told the students, "I'm so hungry, I can't see straight!" Later I was eating lunch at my desk when the kids were coming in from outside. G walked in and said, "Can you see straight?" It took me a second and then it hit me! We had a good giggle!

The note...

It was a wacky day. While I love for my class to talk, they seemed to be talking all the time. At the end of the day, I wrote the following note on the board:

I love you even when you dr_ _ _ me cr _ _ _!

They filled in the blanks and we laughed as we headed home!


Finding joy in the little and big moments of life!


  1. I'm so glad to see you back Loralee! I love how you use teachable moments in your day. I feel like I've gotten away from that and you've inspired me again! (I am addicted to your blog of quotes! Every time I see you on my Feedly, I smile! Just want you to know you have readers!) Happy Saturday!

  2. It is so great how you acknowledged that our students remember all the little things we say! I also love the format of your post. I think I might just borrow your form next week!

  3. I love how you captured the moments to celebrate in your classroom…. so fun! I love how you structured this celebrate --a mentor text for a future post for sure. I loved laughing with you this morning!
    Clare and Tammy

  4. At our school we hear the words "bell to bell instruction." This is still bell to bell but with a little fun added in. It makes me smile!

  5. I love the celebration of small moments!

  6. I loved the question - kids have a way of remembering the oddest things! I hear the sounds of much laughter in your classroom, Loralee!

  7. These are all such fun moments. You do such a great job of celebrating the small wacky moments in a classroom!

  8. These little stories capture the comfortable rapport you have with your students. THAT is cause for celebration! After admiring your Pinterest pins, I am glad to have finally found my way your blog.

  9. Thank you, Folks, for being here. I appreciate it so much!


Thank you for being here.