December 30, 2013

Five Years Ago III

I remember...

...the ER doctor couldn't believe that the young man that came in on Boxing Day morning survived. A week after the accident, he came up to neuro to see James for himself.

...running into the nurse that James had the first day. We were in the rehab unit and she told James that she had spent that first day preparing his family for his death. James didn't forget anything before the accident. He even remembered going to the principal's office on the first day of kindergarten!

...the countless visits from family and friends in the hospital. Just sitting with us brought comfort.

...the many meals and snacks brought to us during the long days at the hospital.  Until you have a loved one spend a lengthy time in the hospital, it's hard to know how much those acts of kindness mean.

...the night I saw Carolyn and Lisa at the door of the family waiting room. I pretty much pushed Karrilee's brother-in-law onto the floor to get to them. It was a little squishy on the couch in the family waiting room. We still giggle about that one! extra frustrating day of still not being able to eat bringing one of the funniest lines from mom to James! But I don't know if I should swear on my blog! Wink!

...Lorne and Cindy helping us with the kids that first 48 hours.

...Elizabeth coming home early from Plaster Rock to be here if we needed her.

...Jim's patience and understanding when I was at the hospital.

...calls and emails always coming at the right time.

...the kindness of the neurosurgeon, Dr. Adams.

...the incredible care of the nurses in neuro.

...watching James sing along with the radio with friends. He knew every lyric.

...many friends around James, but there were three that really stood out. His roommates and Pete. Sitting with him, walking with him, laughing with him, encouraging him, pushing him...

...seeing Dale carry James (over 6 feet) back to the bed.

...the laughter and tears I shared with his Aunt Wendy and Aunt Janet.

...most of all, how strong Dale and Karrilee were through it all.

On February 20, eight weeks after the accident,  James walked out of the hospital and went home. God's hand on his life was so evident. I believe James would not be alive without God and the power of prayer. The prayers from all over, moved heaven and earth, for James.

Today James is a university graduate and driving across Canada at this very moment.


  1. The power of prayer is amazing no matter if you are the recipient or simply a participant. It benefits all who are involved. I also know the appreciation felt for snacks and food while enduring a hospital stay for a loved one. Those snacks absolutely make all the difference in the world! I love how you used this piece of writing to capture all of this!

    1. Marcie, how sweet of you to be here. Thank you.
      The power amazes me too.


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