November 26, 2013

Slice of Life | Dog Bone

Wilsonia Rozz of  the Bruce
Joined the Druart Family in June 2012

After losing Bailey, our 14-and-a-half year old golden retriever, we were heartbroken.

A year went by and at Christmas, I received a dog bone.

It was time.

The dog bone turned into nine-year-old Rozz from Nova Scotia.

Rozz, a retired mother, filled our hearts from the moment Mr. Wilsonia described her to us in an email.

She was meant for us.

What a feeling to have a dog in our family again...

Love her nudges to keep patting.

Love knowing she is waiting for us.

Love hearing her breathe nearby.

Love that we have to go looking for our shoes.

Love having her travel with us to Beulah and soccer games.

Love how gentle and quiet she is.

Even love her hair as it means Rozz is here.

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