May 6, 2017

Daily Gifts | 6

...I soaked in Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Instagrams, as well as her daughter's who is carrying on the 1, 2, 3 Project.

...We finally finished getting the rest of the basement cleaned out from the damage done by the seven-day power outage in January. Big garbage day is Tuesday!

...Thankful for Jim's humor and hug when I was getting overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in and around our old house.

...We were all together watching a movie and chatting about this and that on a rainy Saturday evening.


  1. I love what you are doing this month with your gifts. Ann's blog has been a hug part in choosing my little words. She is such an inspiration. Thank you for just being you - you are a gift.

  2. What a blessing to be surrounded by the ones you love. Congrats on all the cleaning. Do you want to clean my house now? ;)


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