March 19, 2016

day 19 | slice of life challenge

I am thankful for the teachers who share on Twitter. As I read tweets from the TCRWP Reunion, I almost felt like I was there. I am reminded again of how helpful and inspiring it is to be a part of a Twitter community.

Some of my favorites -

The only "homework" that is researched to help kids make gains- academic and social- is reading.

What do you do to make all kids be successful? Love them.

Andrew Solomon - Too often we have medical solutions for social problems.

We not only take care of our children because we love them. We also love them because we take care of them. Andrew Solomon

- Truth: there is no "easy" in being an effective teacher.


  1. Interesting collection of words...I especially like the homework quote. Not easy having that thought when you are in an environment where not doing homework is treated like a moral failure...


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