March 18, 2016

day 18 | slice of life challenge

Today I noticed this photo near Dad's work bench. I believe it was a 1984 Chrysler Lebaron. It was unique in its day, because it talked! (The phrase I remember most is, "The door is ajar.") It was the first car I learned to drive. (Dad also took me out in the Ford truck to practice, but it was a standard and that's another story!)  It's the car we had during my high school and college years. My mind thinks back to the places it took, jobs, practices, games, friend's houses, and more. Mom and Dad were wonderful about letting me borrow it. (They enjoyed travelling to work together and didn't use both vehicles very often.) Even after they bought a new car, they kept this one around and if I remember right, Dad sold it to a co-worker just before Jim and I got married in 1993. Soon after, it was in an accident and wasn't worth fixing. Even though it was a car, I was a little sad to hear the news. It had been a blessing to us.


  1. So sad that it met a wrecked end to its life. So many memories tied up in objects, cars evoke a lot of memories because of the places you go, the freedom you had in the early days of driving.

  2. Even though it met an untimely death, the story(-ies) that car holds are cherished and many. I tell my firsties all the time "Stories are everywhere!"


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