June 15, 2018

Quote | You are

Lord, I thank You that You are the perfect match for my every need.

I am weak. You are strength.
I am unable. You are capability.
I am hesitant. You are assurance.
I am desperate. You are fulfillment.
I am confused. You are confidence.
I am tired. You are rejuvenation.

You are all that I need and so much more.

Lysa TerKeurst

June 13, 2018

a few of my favorite things | something I read

A Proverbs 31 tweet took me to a blog post by author, Debra Fileta. As she was walking through a challenging time in her life, social media was making it harder as she felt everyone else was happy and had it all together. In her post, she shared something her husband said,
"Everyone is going through something, but no one posts pictures of their tears."
Life is not "picture-perfect".

June 12, 2018

Slice of Life | Fire Hydrant

Recently, our classes went on a Public Works field trip with the City of Moncton. We learned about the pipelines and the trucks that service our city. On our way to Trimble, we saw water coming from a hydrant. My mind went back to what the students heard about fire hydrants being checked regularly so we took a video to share with them! We thought they would find it interesting and fun! We then noticed more than just cars driving through!

June 11, 2018

a few of my favorite things | something I read

At Frenchys, I found a book of quotes by Jane Austen. Today I opened it up to this page. How fitting! It captures how I feel about the expenses of teeth for our family, and the worry they bring to me.
I wish there were no such things as teeth in the world; they are nothing but plaques to one, and I dare say that people might easily invent something to eat with instead of them. - Jane Austen

June 10, 2018

a few of my favorite things | something I read

When I was a teenager, Melodie wrote this to me (in a letter, I think)...
"Live life to the fullest always serving the Lord."
I've remembered it, and repeated my cousin's words many times.

June 9, 2018

Slice of Life | Posters

It was an honor to have Mraz and Hertz,
repost two of my student-made brain grower
posters on their Instagram!

They have taught us so much.

June 8, 2018

Slice of Life | Caring Friends

The kids came inside at the morning bell.

I looked at O and she had blood above her eye and running down her cheek.

Just before the bell, the chain of the swing had hit her.

O was calm, and beside me, A started telling me what happened. Tears were rolling down her face as she felt responsible for her friend getting hurt.

I hugged them both, asked my other little ones to head into class with the resource teacher from next door, and took O to the office.

O was a trooper as we got her all cleaned up. I said she was brave and she responded with, "Well, I cried some outside."

After calling her mom, who was coming to pick her up, I told her that I would send her book bag up with someone. O asked, "Can you have A do it?"

It made me teary because I knew why she wanted it to be A.

I returned to my classroom to find my little ones creating things to give to O.

A took the bag to the office and later I learned what O said when she got there.

"I'm okay, A. I'll be back on Monday. We'll play together."

June 7, 2018

Quote | Speak Up

There are times when we must speak up. If we make the mistake of quietly empathizing when we should be alerting our friend to danger, we may actually be holding her hand while she walks toward the cliff. - Dee Brestin

June 6, 2018

a few of my favorite things | something I read

On Facebook, Jen Hatmaker wrote about her son turning 16. 
"I always catch myself just looking at him. Teenagers are my absolute favorite. Don’t be scared, young mamas. The best years are yet to come. You will go totally bananas over your kids when they turn into teens. You’ll be a smitten kitten grinning at them across the room when they aren’t looking."
It's so true about the looking!

June 5, 2018

akr inspired | 80

Tweeted 1 July 2013

the ultimate find? a book you can get lost in...

Karrilee said something like this just the other day. I love that about books too.

June 3, 2018

a few of my favorite things | something I read

On Instagram, Ruth Ayres shared a photo of her nephew. In her comment about graduation, she included,
"May the rest of your life be so much better than high school!"
I'm going to borrow that one. Whether you loved high school or not, what a great message to hear!

June 2, 2018

Slice of Life | Long Distance Letters

Eliza asked the rhetorical question, "How do people have long distance relationships?" I thought back to how Jim and I kept in touch over the months between ENC graduation and our wedding. There was no texting and FaceTime in 1993. To talk to each other, Jim would use a pay phone at the camp to call me at a certain time and we wrote many letters. One of the joys of letters is that you can pull them from a box and reread them (and find forgotten photos) many years later.

June 1, 2018

Slice of Life | Kindness

A new student, who struggles with anger, said to me, "I like hugging you."

I replied,  "I like your hugs."

I can still hear him say, "Oh, I guess  I DO  have the power of kindness."