October 20, 2018

Counting Blessings

watching Ethan play soccer in the league finals

picking Annie and Eliza up at Jones

a quiet Saturday afternoon with everyone home

watching the first four episodes of New Amsterdam with Eliza

October 18, 2018

Quote | Right Now

Right now in Christ, you have
unlimited resources
unceasing strength
unequaled peace
unfailing help
to face anything unafraid.

Ann Voskamp

October 16, 2018

Counting Blessings

When the Avastin treatment was offered to Jim, he was told that each case is different and there are no guarantees. It may do nothing, may stop it from getting worse, may improve his vision slightly or even significantly. It is not covered by insurance, which adds to our challenges, but we felt we needed to try it.

Jim went for the third injection last week, and the tests showed that his eye is now 20/50. While he does not notice the change in his vision, it was encouraging to hear.

Thank You, God.

October 14, 2018

Sunday's Photograph | Home

A home isn't about what you have but who you hold close.
- Eve Bunting, Yard Sale

October 13, 2018

Counting Blessings

Last weekend, Ethan was on the west coast.

   He was playing soccer in British Columbia with his provincial team.

This weekend, Ethan is on the east coast.

   He is playing soccer on Prince Edward Island with his high school team.

Thank You, God.

October 12, 2018

akr inspired | 83

I can still remember

our home phone number


I can still remember

my best friend's phone number


but today

I would have to look up

just about everyone's number

October 11, 2018

akr inspired | 82

Currently, my three favorite television shows are:

1. This Is Us

2. New Amsterdam

3. Anne with an E

October 10, 2018

Slice of Life | A Fit

I have a little one who is learning how to share the swing.

When we were outside, I noticed her happily watching someone else swing back and forth.

I said,

   V, you are being so kind and flexible.

She came over, hugged me, and in her sweet voice said,

   I know, Mrs.D. I'm not even having a fit!

I'm still giggling!

October 8, 2018

Slice of Life | Nurse Pearl

Pearl has filled her days with taking care of Annie
who just had four wisdom teeth removed.

Slice of Life

October 7, 2018

Sunday's Photograph | Starting Line

Canada Soccer's Toyota National Championships
Surrey, British Columbia
New Brunswick (Moncton Codiac)
vs Nova Scotia (Halifax Suburban)