March 18, 2019

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Quincy, Massachusetts

I attended grad school at Eastern Nazarene College which is located in Quincy, MA. It was wonderful to live on Boston's south shore for two years.

March 17, 2019

Sunday's Photograph | Foundation

Dad tells a story of how this row boat capsized and put him
in the water. Not a swimmer, he shares the relief and security
he felt when his feet found the ground underneath him.
He connects it to how Jesus is his firm foundation.

March 16, 2019

Quote | Religion vs Gospel

Religion: I messed up. My Dad is gonna kill me.
Gospel: I messed up. I need to call my Dad.
- Jeremy Rose

March 15, 2019

akr inspired | 144

Three things I collect:

1. books, books and more books

2. photographs since I was young

3. retro wooden bowls and trays for my classroom

March 14, 2019

akr inspired | 143 | Ss


As a student carried a large pair of scissors to me, I was reminded of Grammie Trites and how she taught me to carry them. To be safe in case of a fall, she showed me how to wrap my hand around the closed blades and keep the scissors pointed down.

March 11, 2019

akr inspired | 140

Three (+) games I played when I was kid in school:

1. Seven Up

2. Red Rover

3. King of the Hill

4. Jump rope

5. Tag

6. TV tag

7. Mother, May I

March 9, 2019

Counting Blessings








Thank you for reading along.

March 8, 2019

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laundry basket

I find it interesting that our children, who can aim a ball at a target over and over, can't hit the laundry basket with their clothes.


I enjoy writing A, L, M and N in cursive. I do not enjoy writing D, F, J and K in cursive. There are many cursive letters that I don't like so maybe that's one of the reasons I like to print.


It's a word that is so often used as an expression, not necessarily a belief. But it's still a word I am not a fan of as it seems to imply that there is no work involved, no skill involved, no God involved.

March 7, 2019

akr inspired | 138 | Kk

ketchup cup

I clicked a Ted Talk by accident, but I stayed to listen as the speaker started with a little paper ketchup cup. She pointed out that many do not know that the folds can be opened to hold more ketchup. It becomes 3 times its original size. It caught my attention, because it was news to me! I even tried it at the movie theater yesterday (and Eliza may have reconsidered being with me as I excitedly told the couple beside me about it)!

Side note: The speaker, Janine Driver, spoke of how there is "untapped potential hiding in plain sight" in the paper cup and that it can be the same with people. The potential may be hiding in plain sight or a person sees it but has not done anything about it. She then speaks of three words to focus on to help reach the potential or dream. She ends with asking, "What will be your ketchup cup story?"

March 5, 2019

akr inspired | 136 | Gg

grocery carts

When I was a little girl with Grammie Trites at the grocery store, I loved standing on the end of the cart as she went up and down the aisles.

March 4, 2019

Counting Blessings

Glenda's emails after she reads This & That

Listening to Karrilee and Dad play together

Sunday dinners at Mom and Dad's house

Looking at old photographs

Having Eliza and Annie home