June 12, 2022

June 8, 2022

akr inspired | 573

For the first time, I left Pearl home today. 

As we walked out of the classroom yesterday, I noticed a limp.

It was unusual and it was still there this morning.

I left her home to rest and to not have to jump in and out of the car.

It was strange for all of us to not have her at school.

As we walked up the stairs to go outside to play, I said, "I miss Pearl." 

I heard, "I do too!"

And then I heard, "Now we're just a NORMAL class."

I giggled.

Having Pearl in our classroom (and school) is definitely special.

Textbook | Social Studies

June 6, 2022

akr inspired | 571


only 4 Mondays remain in the school year

sad because I love my kindergarteners

happy because summer rest is coming

June 5, 2022

akr inspired | 570 | Ff

My First


   a sweet little dog named Peanuts


   must have been Sandford, Nova Scotia where my father grew up


  a pocket camera 


   first like was Joey Bonville, met at Riverside Camp and we wrote letters

   first love was Wally Henry, met in high school and dated for years


   playground leader for the city of Moncton


   probably with Melodie and Dwayne at Urbana in 1982

   heard Sandi Patti and Andrus, Blackwood & Company

First Celeb Crush

   I don't think I had one but I loved the Teen Beat magazines

   I was a big fan of Michael Jordan in my later teens


Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

June 2, 2022

akr inspired | 567

Three steps for how I choose a song to make a reel for Pearl -

Look at random clips of Pearl that may work

Pick a word by looking at what she is doing (i.e. rolling)

Search the word and listen to the choices

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June 1, 2022

akr inspired | 566

sweater vs sweatshirt

. . . . .

a sweater is something knit and nice

it is bought or handmade

usually made with wool, cashmere, synthetic fibers, or cotton

worn with jeans, dress pants, skirts and dresses

a sweater is sometimes a cardigan

a sweater is rarely washed (and is often dry clean only)

. . . . .

a sweatshirt is something like a t-shirt that can you can sweat in

it is bought

usually made with cotton

worn with sweat pants or a casual look with jeans

a sweatshirt is sometimes a hoodie

a sweatshirt is washed over and over again

. . . . .

maybe putting it in writing will help me explain the difference to my children

they call them all a sweater (and put them all in the laundry)

Textbook | Social Studies

May 28, 2022

akr inspired | 562

I wonder what would happen if Americans said -

"I'm ready to help stop this. I will take any course I need to take."

"I'm ready to help stop this. I will follow any laws that are needed."

"I'm ready to help stop this, even if the process costs me money."

"I'm ready to help stop this, even if my business loses money."

"I'm ready to help stop this. I've been selfish."

"I'm ready to help stop this. I'm voting for gun control."

"I'm ready to help stop this. I'm willing to give up my job."

"I'm ready to help stop this. I'm willing to do it even if I lose the next election."

If they said it and did it, it would be worth it.

Textbook | Social Studies

May 22, 2022

Quote | Wash the Plate

Wash the plate not because it is dirty,
nor because you were told to wash it,
but because you love the person who will use it next.
- Mother Teresa