March 5, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 5

A small thing that makes a big difference is...

a handwritten note with encouraging words

an understanding smile after a long day

an unexpected treat in my mailbox

a shared giggle at something silly on TV

a full gas tank when I get in the car

a mixed-up conversation around the supper table


  1. I love this idea for poetry. Writing it must put you in a better mood. Just thinking about how happy I am when I get in the car and my gas tank is full has put me in a better mood. (It would be even better if my gas tank actually was full.)

  2. What a lovely poem of gratitude....I love the line about the full gas tank...yes that is among the great gifts we can give someone!

  3. Oh Loralee, your posts always brighten my day. Today your post touched me!! I'm going to comment on the same line as everyone else, but for a different reason. The "gas tank" dad died seven years ago. He was married to my step-mom, Lindsay at the time of his death. He loved Lindsay so much!! I remember him telling me that every Saturday morning, he'd take her car and wash it and fill it with gas. He felt like it was a little thing, but it made her happy.

    Thank you for reminding me of that story this morning! You are such a blessing!

    1. What love!
      Thank you for sharing that sweet story!
      YOU are sweet!

  4. So sweet and true - those little everyday moments need to be recognized and treasured.

  5. You have motivated me to fill up my daughter's gas tank as a surprise for her! Your list is a terrific example of the power of lists that include just simple things. Thanks for that!

    1. Thank you, Melanie!
      Your daughter is going to love it!


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