November 5, 2020

Sharing Our Stories | that moment

When Jim returned from seeing the specialist in Toronto, it was late at night.

During breakfast the next morning, Jim told the kids it was cancer.

They were 13, 15 and 17 back then.

There were no words spoken.

Everyone just moved from where they were into a hug.

It's a moment I will always remember.

Sharing Our Stories


  1. That's a moment you never forget. So sorry!

  2. Oh, the love in this moment. Grateful you shared this moment of no words with us. Sometimes a hug is the best communicator of all. I sure miss hugs!

  3. Oh, that hug. I'm so very sorry but so glad you shared it.

  4. The image of the kids coming to hug their dad on receiving this news - it makes the heart ache. In sadness and also for the priceless gift of family and love. No words, but such power. Hugs to you and all yours, Loralee - thank you allowing us to be drawn in, too.

  5. There is never a good moment to share news like this. And there aren't any words to respond. Hug might be the only possible reaction.

  6. Such a true and honest moment. Heartfelt. Shine one, Jim!

  7. A beautifully painful and yet love-filled moment. Thanks for sharing.


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