June 24, 2018

Slice of Life | Wrong Mail

When Eliza told us his last name, we laughed. It was so similar to our last name.

Then after meeting his parents, Eliza told us that his dad lived in Gallagher Ridge years ago. I thought that was interesting as where we live is just a little area out in the country, but I didn't think about it too much and didn't make a connection.

This week we made a connection.

When meeting his parents before the prom, we learned that not only is his dad's last name similar to Druart, but his dad's first name is similar to Jim as well.

When Jim and I were first married, we lived with my parents in Lutes Mountain which is not far from Gallagher Ridge. It was a time when a large area was covered by RR#8 and we didn't have house numbers. Once in a while, Jim would get someone else's mail. Guess who?

Now twenty five years later, our kids are dating. 

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