May 15, 2018

Slice of Life | Legs

Today is surgery day. 

A month or so ago, Dad was having pressure in his chest so Mom took him to the ER. With numerous tests over two days, they did not find anything with his heart. What good news at 82! They did see something in his legs and he was referred to a specialist. The appointment arrived a couple weeks later, and they learned that there were blocked arteries in his legs. It came as a shock, because Dad has no pain and feels good. He is very active! He's always out mowing, weed whacking, collecting bottles in ditches and more. We learned from the vascular surgeon that there is danger with blocked arteries in legs and some find out too late. While it is unsettling to hear and to face surgery (especially for Dad with his legs feeling good), we are so thankful that this was found. Thank You, God.

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