June 13, 2017

Slice of Life | Raspberries

There is something about raspberries.

When I have them, I walk back in time.

I go to a moment when I was a little girl picking raspberries by Uncle Norman's barn and we have a big bowl of them in Aunt Carole's kitchen. 

I remember another from when Jim and I were engaged and I was in Michigan for the first time. Knowing I was a fussy eater, Grandpa Peterson picked raspberries for me every day.



  1. Love comfort food ... especially as delicious as raspberries!

  2. Raspberries make the top of berry list. Their sweetness mixed with the sweetness of memories is wonderful

  3. There is something special about the texture and taste of raspberries that no other fruit can mimic. Love raspberries!

  4. I love how food connects with memories for each of us. You've captured that kind of moment so well here.

  5. same here -- for me it's visiting grandparents in northern NYS


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