June 6, 2017

Slice of Life | Aunt Dot and Aunt Ruth


Dad, our family historian, has collected mementos and photos over the years.

As I was looking through a binder, I noticed this family newsletter written by our great aunts, Dot and Ruth, in Sandford.

Over the year, moments about family and the community were saved by the daily writing of a simple sentence.

   Babies born. Loved ones ill. Visits made. Birthdays celebrated. Church gatherings.

There were some that struck me funny.
Jan. 16th Fany brought a dead cat home from the bus stop, thought it was hers and when she got home hers was on the doorstep.
And there were others that moved me.
March 13th Ruth was dizzy, had to help her to bed.
Writing these moments down and sharing them was an act of love.

Here we are still reading them over, and remembering, twenty-six years later.


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  1. How wonderful that your dad kept these. I love reading those you shared. I have one diary, also from a dear aunt of my husband's who wrote every day. Thanks, Loralee.


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