March 31, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge | Day 31

Since I was young, I've loved saving quotes. I kept them in notebooks, but years ago, I started sharing them on a blog called Little House on the Ridge.

I have a quote about comments from Ruth Ayres.
"It matters when people comment on our writing and it makes us want to write more. Our students need others to react with emotion to their writing."
Comments matter.

The words we share with others matter.

Our reactions to stories matter.

Thank you for being here during the Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. That is so true! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Audience matters -- whether it is ourselves or the world, or some small sliver of readers. Thanks for reminding us.

  3. I am so glad you shared your stories this month. I am so glad I was here.

  4. Yes! It does matter. It gives us that proverbial Spring in our step to keep going.

  5. I love quotes too! And comments are so validating!


Thank you for being here.